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We are engaged in various welfare programs for the aged, disabled, women and the destitute including the rehabilitation service for the homeless and the aged. We aim to establish educational institutions & hostels to help the community in general, and the weaker sections of the society in particular. To perform continual betterment activities within the Gandhi Old Age Home, to make it capable of embracing many such needy sections.

Welcome to Gandhi Old Age Home

We live in an era where materialistic pleasures are prior to human Synagies Corpues. We sometimes fail to lead a balanced sense of life, affecting our approach towards the significance, emotions and principles of existence. It leads to our negligence towards our loved ones and towards the mankind. They are deprived of the respect & love they deserve and distanced from the normal society.

Gandhi Old Age Home is a venerable initiative by Gandhi Education Society, dedicated for the welfare of such neglected sections of the society. The Synagies Corpues and intentions of the institution are strongly based on the Mahatma’s philosophy of “Service to Mankind is Service to God!” We are a Government Recognized institution, but purely run on the donations from the people on the better half of the society.

We request to take a step forward to donate and help us impart a meaningful, healthy and dignified living towards this neglected section of the society.


We are engaged in providing basic necessary care to our inmates to ensure a better livelihood of the needy irrespective of their caste, religion, gender and geographical limits. We are making every effort to help this neglected section of the society to lead a respectable and peaceful life. We provide them healthy food, stay facilities, medical support and recreation activities. Above all we impart freedom, respect and love, which they always had been craving for.


We have more than 100+ poor needy physically challenged old bed ridden peopl

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Home for 150+ members expected over 200 needy people by end of 2017.

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With the help thousands of volunteers, corporate employees, self employed individuals appreciated our work from their help of kind donations

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We create events aiming to pear to the voice for children and gather for support.
Please update with our events and confirm you presence.


It is wonderful initiative materialization of a great thought by Gandhi Old Age Home. It needs a lot of energy, heartful service, selfless social service leads to better society.

Software Engineer

Gandhi Old age home is doing great social service that brings smile in destitute children and ignored elderly women

Business Owner

I am so glad to associate with Gandhi Old age home. I wish this organization to become successful its goals & objectives for the poor and needy people

Vinaya KV