We provide a caring environment for more than 100 elderly individuals who have been neglected and forgotten. Many of them are bedridden, physically handicapped, visually impaired, mentally challenged, or deaf and dumb. Your donation will provide them:

Nutritious Meals: Ensure they don't go to bed hungry.

Safe Accommodation: Provide a comfortable and secure home, ensuring their safety and security.

Medical Assistance: Ensure they receive necessary healthcare.

Daily Care: Support their daily needs.

Hygiene Products (Adult Diapers, Soap, and Shampoo)

Medical Supplies (Medications, Bandages)

Bedding and Clothing

Feed 100+ abandoned seniors.

Breakfast - ₹5,000

Lunch - ₹5,000

Dinner - ₹5,000

Full Day Meal - ₹15,000

Your donation, no matter the size, can make a difference in the lives of abandoned seniors. Together, let's ensure they receive the care and support they deserve.

Care for the needs of 100 elderly. Contribute generously.

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